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Our chapter is presenting a one day seminar on how to acquire which permits you need for your project. Presentations will be made by many of the major permitting authorities, including but not limited to the Corps of Engineers, ADNR, ADOT&PF, Alaska Railroad, City of Fairbanks, the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and the Mental Health Trust Land Office. Contact Steve Taylor at 459-1068 for more information.



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Who owns the right to store natural gas in a depleted reservoir? Did you know that “pore space” is “mineral”? For an interesting discussion of that question and the nature of surface and subsurface rights, see the Alaska Supreme Court’s May 6, 2016 decision in City of Kenai v. Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage, State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and Cook Inlet Region Inc. (No. 7101)
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Our Chapter Awards ceremony was held December 17th at the Double Eagle restaurant on Farmers Loop Road. Please congratulate Sandra Wagner, RWA Chapter Professional of the Year; Pat Thayer, SR/WA Chapter 71 Balfour Nominee and previous Finalist; R&M Consultants, Inc. Chapter Employer of the Year.


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Depending on the dates involved and other circumstances, the mere filing of a homestead application can segregate the land applied for from the public domain. Such segregation could prevent the imposition of a section line easement when the land is surveyed. That was the finding of the Alaska Supreme Court on October 16, 2015 in Luker v. Sykes, Opinion No. 7059. Open question: Could this principle also influence how the various Public Land Order (PLO) rights of way affect the land applied for? (This case involves land south of Chena Hot Springs Road near Grange Hall Road.-cp)

Miscellaneous Documents Now Online From Recorders’

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Meant to Post this a long time ago-as of July 1, 2015 you can view and print out the “Miscellaneous” documents from the Sate Recorder’s office


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Chapter 71 is pleased to welcome Peter Flint and Jacquie as new members. Both are recent additions to GVEA’s right of way staff. We also welcome back Merna Wharton, now with the Fairbanks North Star Borough Land Management Division. Also joining us from the borough is Stephen Taylor.

Congratulations to John Bennett, PLS, SR/WA, Penny Adler, SR/WA. CM, And Larry King, PLS, SR/WA, all of whom have recently recertified as Senior Right of Way Professionals!


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I have been derelict in my postings lately, so some of this may be old news to you. Chapter President Elect/Vice President Sandra Wagner, RWA, is the new Land Management Division Manager for the Fairbanks North Star Borough. She replaces Chapter Secretary Cora Shook who is now Negotiations Supervisor at Northern Region ADOT&PF Right of Way.